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Stand by Me is a 1986 American coming of age drama film directed by Rob Reiner.

Based on the novella The Body by Stephen King, the film takes its title from the Ben E. King song of the same name, which plays over the end credits.

In a small woodsy Oregon town, a group of friends--sensitive Gordie, tough guy Chris , flamboyant Teddy , and scaredy-cat Vern --are in search of a missing teenager's body.

Wanting to be heroes in each other's and their hometown's eyes, they set out on an unforgettable two-day trek that turns into an odyssey of self-discovery.

They sneak smokes, tell tall tales, cuss 'cause it's cool and band together when the going gets tough.

When they encounter the town's knife-wielding hoods who are also after the body, the boys discover a strength they never knew they had." (Amazon)

Full Cast:

Richard Dreyfuss as Gordie Lachance (adult) - Wil Wheaton as Gordie Lachance (age 12) - River Phoenix as Chris Chambers - Jerry O'Connell as Vern Tessio - Corey Feldman as Teddy Duchamp - John Cusack as Denny Lachance - Kiefer Sutherland as "Ace" Merrill - Bradley Gregg as "Eyeball" Chambers - Casey Siemaszko as Billy Tessio - Gary Riley as Charlie Hogan - Marshall Bell as Mr. Lachance - Frances Lee McCain as Mrs. Lachance - Bruce Kirby as Mr. Quidacioluo - Jason Oliver as Vince Desjardins - William Bronder as Milo Pressman - Kent W. Luttrell as Ray Brower (the body) - Andy Lindberg as Lardass Hogan


Wil Wheaton as Gordie Lachance


Richard William " Wil " Wheaton III (born July 29, 1972) is an American actor and writer .

A worldwide audience may know him from recent roles as Evil Wil Wheaton on The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Isaac Parrish on EUReKA, or Fawkes on The Guild, but Wil Wheaton's successful acting career began in 1986 with acclaimed roles in Stand By Me and Toy Soldiers.

He continued to build his resume through his teen years as series regular ‘Wesley Crusher' on Star Trek: The Next Generation and opposite Robin Williams in Disney's Flubber.

But Wil is much more than just an actor; he's an  author , blogger, podcaster , voice actor,  widely-followed original Twitter user , and a champion of geek culture. An avid and passionate tabletop and video gamer, Wil gave the keynote address to the 2007 Penny Arcade Expo, and delivered the inagural keynote address to PAX East in 2010.

He has been featured on the long-running Wizards of the Coast Dungeons and Dragons podcast as the Eladrin Avenger Aeofel, and provides voices for numerous videogames, including Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Red Dead Redemption, Brütal Legend, Fallout: New Vegas, and DC Universe Online. His has voiced numerous animated characters on series such as Ben 10: Alien Force, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Teen Titans, and Legion of Superheroes.

As an author , he's published several acclaimed books, including: Just A Geek, Dancing Barefoot, The Happiest Days of Our Lives, and Memories of the Future Volume 1, a humorous and nostalgic episode guide of the first half of the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. MORE ABOUT HIM


River Phoenix as Chris Chambers


River Jude Phoenix (August 23, 1970 – October 31, 1993) was an American film actor, musician, and activist.

He was the older brother of Rain Phoenix, Joaquin Phoenix, Summer Phoenix and Liberty Phoenix.

Phoenix's work encompassed 24 films and television appearances, including the science fiction adventure film Explorers, the coming-of-age film Stand by Me, the action sequel Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and the independent adult drama My Own Private Idaho.

On October 31, 1993, Phoenix collapsed and died of drug-induced heart failure on the sidewalk outside the West Hollywood nightclub The Viper Room.

At the time of his death, Phoenix had been in the middle of filming Dark Blood (1993). MORE

Jerry O'Connell as Vern Tessio


Jeremiah "Jerry" O'Connell (born February 17, 1974) is an American actor, best known for his roles in the TV series Sliders, Andrew Clements in My Secret Identity, Vern Tessio in the film Stand by Me, Derek in Scream 2, Charlie Carbone in Kangaroo Jack, and Detective Woody Hoyt on the drama Crossing Jordan.

He starred as Pete Kaczmarek in the CBS TV series The Defenders until its cancellation in 2011. He also had a starring role in the horror film Piranha 3D. MORE HERE

Corey Feldman as Teddy Duchamp


On July 16, 1971 Corey Scott Feldman was born the 2nd of five children. In his youth he appeared in over 100 television commercials and appeared on 50 TV shows from "Mork and Mindy" to "Eight is Enough" to "One day at a time". He was also in the TV show Cheers, playing a Little Leaguer coached by Coach. He debuted in the films "Time After Time" and "The Fox and the Hound", for Disney. He then went on to star in 15 #1 movies in a row. These movies included "Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter" (1984), "Gremlins" (1984), "The Goonies" (1985), "The Burbs" (1989), "Stand By Me" (1986). In 1987, Feldman appeared with Corey Haim in "The Lost Boys". This film marked the first on-screen pairing of Feldman and Haim, who became known as "The Two Coreys."

The pair went on to star in a string of films, including "License to Drive" (1988) and "Dream a Little Dream" (1989). In 1992, Feldman and Haim reunited for the HBO movie "Blown Away".

He made a cameo appearance in the film "Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star". He appeared alongside his wife, Susie, in the Moby music video "We Are All Made Of Stars" (2004 ).

Feldman's other acting work for 2004 included "The Birthday", which received many awards. In 2005, Feldman made his stage debut in the positively reviewed off-Broadway play "Fatal Attraction, a Greek Tragedy". Also, for 3 years he played the voice of "Sparx-77" in Disneys "Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!" Which is still running on Toon Disney.

In 2007, Feldman and Corey Haim began a reality TV show entitled, "The Two Coreys", on the A&E Network. In the winter of 2007, Feldman's new film "Terror Inside" was released after the premiere of the A&E show FULL BIO HERE

Kiefer Sutherland as "Ace" Merrill


Kiefer Sutherland ( Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland ) was born on December 21, 1966. He grew up in Toronto from the age of 4, till he was 15.

He then decided that he wanted to pursue a career in acting. Kiefer got his first role in The Bay Boy. He recieved a Genie Award for his performance.

He then moved to Los Angeles to continue his career and starred in movies including The Lost Boys, Stand By Me and Young Guns.

In 1988 Kiefer married Camelia Kath, and shortly after they had a daughter, Sarah. The marriage however was short-lived and they divorced soon after.

Kiefer then met Julia Roberts in 1990, they were together for just over a year when they got engaged, but the wedding was broken.

He continued doing film until 1998 when he decided to take a a break and went on the rodeo circuit. Shortly after his return, he got the role of Jack Bauer on the television series 24. The role has rejuvenated Kiefer's career, and he has now been on 24 for 5 years, and has also managed to be involved in films during the hiatus of the show.

Kiefer is contracted to be involved in 24. season 8. Even if his character does not survive till then, Kiefer will carry on working on the show as an executive producer . MORE

Andy Lindberg as Lardass Hogan


In 1985 he was cast as “David ‘Lard Ass' Hogan” in the Rob Reiner film Stand By Me.

Here is a gallery of pictures his brother took on the set and a few more added by other fans of the film throughout the years.

Currently, his most notable role is as a guitarist/singer/songwriter for the pirate themed rock band Captain Bogg and Salty . He's a classically trained vocalist with a great voice and he does a mean Elvis impersonation.


John Cusack as Denny Lachance


John Paul Cusack (born June 28, 1966) is an American actor, producer and screenwriter.

He has appeared in more than 50 films, including Say Anything..., Grosse Pointe Blank, High Fidelity, Con Air, Being John Malkovich, and 2012. FULL BIO


Richard Dreyfuss as Gordie Lachance (adult)


Richard Stephen Dreyfuss (born October 29, 1947) is an American actor best known for starring in a number of film, television, and theater roles since the late 1960s, including the films American Graffiti, Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Goodbye Girl, Whose Life Is It Anyway?, Always, What About Bob?, Poseidon, Mr. Holland's Opus, and James and the Giant Peach.

Dreyfuss won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1977 for The Goodbye Girl, and was nominated in 1995 for Mr. Holland's Opus.

He has also won a Golden Globe Award, a BAFTA Award, and was nominated in 2002 for Screen Actors Guild Awards in the Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series and Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries categories. FULL BIO HERE and HERE


Curiosity about the movie stand by me :


The movie does not share the same title as Stephen King's story as Columbia Pictures, its distributing studio, did not agree with the title.

It derives it's name from the Ben E. King classic 1950's song which was redone into a new 1986 music video dedicated to the film adaptation.


Corey Feldman dedicated his Dancing On Ice 2012 performance to late actor River Phoenix.

In honour of 'Movie Week', the skating hopeful performed with professional partner Brooke Castile to the title track of 1986 film Stand By Me - in which he co-starred with Phoenix. Read more


The film is portrayed by Family Guy characters, and is the first segment in the episode "Three Kings". Dreyfuss reprises his role as "The Writer". Peter Griffin plays Petey (Gordie) LaChance, Glenn Quagmire plays Quag (Chris) Chambers, Joe Swanson plays Joey Duchamp, Cleveland Brown plays Cleve Brown, and Mayor Adam West plays Ace Merill. George Wendt plays a member of Merill's posse.


Corey Feldman and director Rob Reiner tested thirty different laughs before deciding upon the one for Teddy Duchamp. The laugh happens to be similar to that described in King's story.


At the insistence of director Rob Reiner (an avid non-smoker who campaigned for anti-smoking laws in California), the cigarettes smoked by the boys were made from cabbage leaves.


Rob Reiner had trouble casting the role of "The Writer", first casting actor David Dukes, then going to Spinal Tap vet 'Michael McKean' among others, before finally settling on high school friend Richard Dreyfuss.


When they were filming the scene where Gordie and Vern are about to be run over by the train, Wil Wheaton and Jerry O'Connell did not look scared enough; In frustration Rob Reiner yelled at them to the point where they started crying and that's when they were able to film the scene. ________________________

All four of the films stars have starred in music videos. Wil Wheaton and River Phoenix, appeared in Ben E. King's "Stand By Me" (made for the movie), Corey Feldman appeared in the video for Cyndi Lauper's "Goonies 'R' Good Enough" (made for the movie The Goonies) and Jerry O'Connell appeared in Mariah Carey's music video for her song "Heartbreaker".


In the scene where Gordie and Chris race each other through the junkyard, Wil Wheaton could run faster than River Phoenix but Wheaton's character was supposed to lose. Wheaton had to fake a fast run when running slow so that Phoenix's character would win.


In the edited-for-TV version, Lardass Hogan's name is shortened to Lard for obvious reasons. Yet even in the edited-for-TV version, the name "Lardass" is seen in the credits.


Michael Jackson was originally asked to do a cover of Ben E. King's song. Reiner later decided to use the original since it matched the movie's era. ________________________

It's not marshmallows but balled up hamburger meat on the end of the boys' campfire sticks.


Due to the boys rowdiness and misbehaviour at the hotel they were staying in, the hotel security even registered their names, photos and numbers.


In an interview, Keifer Sutherland told a story about Jerry O'Connell, who was eleven at the time of filming.

In Oregon, where they were filming, there was a huge Renaissance Fair, and a bunch of hippies came in from the mountains to sell their stuff. So one night, Jerry managed to tie his baby-sitter to the banister so he could go out to the fair.

He went and got some toys and cookies, but unfortunately he didn't know that they were pot cookies. They found him two hours later crying in a parking lot, and they had to halt shooting for a day. Can you imagine an eleven-year-old Jerry O'Connell high on pot cookies crying in a parking lot?


Movie`s locations:

The scenes set in the town of Castle Rock were filmed in the town of Brownsville, Oregon, mostly on Main Street. The town still looks very much the same today as it does when it was filmed.

Gordie's house is 325 Fischer Street in Brownsville.

At the beginning of the movie when they are describing the small town of Castle Rock, you see a shot of Main Street, as well as a side view down Spaulding Avenue.

The place where the boys accidentally shoot the barrell is an alley behind Main Street. They run down the alley (roughly north), around the corner and start walking down Main Street (heading roughly south), where they run into Ace.

There were also some other scenes that were filmed in the town proper, but were never used, including one in an old one room cabin that still sits on the east end of Burney, the locals call the area "hippy hill". There are three cabins there, my grandfather lived in the one next to the one that they shot in.

The orangey red-ish trussed railroad bridge scene was actually shot at a abandonded railroad near the town of Cottage Grove Oregon. The bridge runs over Mosby Creek and can be found at the trailhead alongside highway 89 north of Burney Falls state park and is on a bike path named "Row River Trail". I grew up on this trail and watched the workers turn the old rail road tracks into a bike trail.

The bridge where the boys have to run to escape being run over by the train is the McCloud River Railroad's Lake Britton Bridge in Burney Falls Memorial State Park. After they are forced to jump at the end to avoid the locomotive, they dust themselves off beside Rat Creek on the shore of Lake Dorena, back a few miles north east of Cottage Grove, Oregon where the orangey red-ish truss bridge is. The McCloud River Railroad Company recently announced it's abandoning the railway and removing 77 miles of track east of McCloud, which also includes the Stand by Me bridge. Sadly, it will soon be no more.

The bridge that the boys walk over on the way back from their trip is the bridge over the Calapooia River on Main Street, Brownsville.

When the boys say goodbye at the end of their journey, they are at the intersection of Main and Park streets. When Vern leaves, he heads east down Park Street. When Teddy leaves, he heads west up Park Street, and seems to be heading for a white house (which is still there) at the end of Holloway Heights Drive, just off of Park Avenue. ( MORE HERE )


  1. "Everyday" (Buddy Holly) – 2:07
  2. "Let the Good Times Roll" (Shirley and Lee) – 2:22
  3. "Come Go with Me" (The Del-Vikings) – 2:40
  4. "Whispering Bells" (The Del-Vikings) – 2:25
  5. "Get a Job" (The Silhouettes) – 2:44
  6. "Lollipop" (The Chordettes) – 2:09
  7. "Yakety Yak" (The Coasters) – 1:52
  8. "Great Balls of Fire" (Jerry Lee Lewis) – 1:52
  9. "Mr. Lee" (The Bobbettes) – 2:14
  10. "Stand by Me" (Ben E. King) – 2:55

Several songs were left off the soundtrack; those missing are "Rockin' Robin" by Bobby Day, "Hushabye" by The Mystics, "Come Softly to Me" by The Fleetwoods and "The Book of Love" by The Monotones, as well as the two songs sung by the four boys originally by other artists: "Sorry (I Ran All the Way Home)" by The Impalas and "The Ballad of Paladin", the theme of the American Western TV series Have Gun – Will Travel peformed by Johnny Western.

Changes From the Novella :

  • The novella's title is "The Body". It was changed to "Stand By Me" for the film when the song was selected for the end-credits.
  • The novella takes place in Castle Rock, Maine in 1960; the film takes place in Castle Rock, Oregon in 1959.
  • There is more cursing and more foul language in the novella than in the film.
  • Near the end of the film, when the four boys face "Ace" Merrill and his gang, Gordie pulls the gun on them. However in the novella it is Chris who pulls the gun.
  • Teddy Duchamp is more violent in the book than in the film.
  • In the film just before the junkyard scene, there is a scene where "Ace", "Eyeball", Billy and Charlie play a game of mailbox baseball; this is not in the novella. Neither are scenes where the older boys take Gordie's baseball cap and where they hang out in a junkyard.
  • The novella contains more biographical information about the older Gordie, including insertion of an entire additional story written by him.
  • In the novella, it is an imagined corpse of Denny in his closet that tells Gordie "it should have been you". In the film, it is Gordie's father in Gordie's dream of the funeral. In the novella, that dream is of corpses of Teddy and Vern trying to drown Gordie, rather than of Denny's funeral.
  • In the novella, the grocery store owner tries to cheat Gordie twice out of his money, and he leaves angry as the owner yells at him. In the movie, the owner is kind and sympathetic, curious about Gordie's personal life, and empathizes with Gordie over Denny's demise, as he himself lost a brother during the Korean War.
  • In the film "Eyeball" seems to be Chris's only sibling; however in the novella, Chris also has an older brother, Frank, and three younger siblings.
  • In the novella, it was Gordie who fought with Teddy over train dodging; in the film it was Chris who does so.
  • In the film, Ace pulls out the knife, but in the novella, "Jackie" Mudgett pulls out the knife instead.
  • The novella ends with the implication that the boys' hunt for the body resulted in their acquiring a death curse. Although only Chris is mentioned to have died in the film, descriptions of his, Vern's and Teddy's deaths are given in the novella, such as Teddy dying in a drunk driving accident and Vern dying in a fire at a house party.
  • In the film it states that Vern had been looking for his quart jar of pennies that he buried under his porch for nine months, but in the novella Gordie says that Vern had been looking for his pennies for four years, and that everyone but Vern was sure his brother had actually stolen them some time right after they had been buried.
  • In the film it shows that when Billy and Charlie are revealing the location of the corpse of Ray Brower, Billy reveals the location to "Eyeball". In the book it states that Billy reveals the location to Jack "Jackie" Mudgett (another member of "Ace"'s gang).
  • In the book, after the boys come back to Castle Rock, they are eventually beaten up by "Ace", "Eyeball", Billy and "Fuzzy" Bracowicz. In the film, this is not shown or mentioned.
  • In the film, Gordie and his older brother Denny have a close relationship. However, the novella paints a very different picture; Denny is seen as a "miracle" and Gordie turns out to be more of an unwanted burden born 10 years later. Denny excels at athletics and Gordie eventually comes to resent always being compared to him.
  • In the film, there are seven hoods in Ace's gang, only five of whom have lines - Ace, Eyeball, Billy, Charlie, and Vince Desjardins (who drove the other car in the scene where they are playing "chicken"). Those five appear in the book along with two others identifed as Jack Mudgett and Norman "Fuzzy" Bracowicz. The end credits of the film list Jack Mudgett but not "Fuzzy" Bracowicz among the cast of characters. There is one character identifed as "Moke" who is presumably the second of the two hoods, the first being Jack, who did not have any lines in the film. MORE HERE


Stand By Me cast reunite 25 years after filming iconic movie:

A quarter of a century since they starred in the 1986 coming-of-age movie, the actors and director reunited in Los Angeles today.

Stars Jerry O'Connell, Corey Feldman and Wil Wheaton were all at the event to launch the Blu-ray and DVD version of the film. They were joined by Richard Dreyfuss, who narrated the movie, and the director Rob Reiner. Noticeable by his absence, however, was River Phoenix, for whom fame came at a high price.

Arguably the most promising of the young stars, he died of a drug overdose outside an LA nightclub in 1993 at the age of just 23.

In the movie O'Connell was the chubby, bullied boy. He is now unrecognisable, having slimmed down and grown into a tall, slender actor who has gone on to find success as a TV and film star. He most recently starred in the big screen movie Piranha 3-D and has made guest appearances on shows like Ugly Betty, Samantha Who? and Eastwick.

Jerry is married to actress Rebecca Romijn and they have two-year-old twin girls Dolly and Charlie.

Wheaton went on to portray Wesley Crusher on the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. He has voiced various video games including the popular Grand Theft Auto series. He has also made guest-appearances in shows like The Big Bang Theory, Family Guy and Eureka. The actor has been married for 12 years to Anne Prince and he lives with his wife and stepsons Nolan and Ryan in California. While his role on Stand By Me helped Feldman become a heart-throb in the Nineties, with starring roles in films like The Lost Boys alongside Keifer Sutherland.

Feldman married former Playboy model Susie Felman in 2002 and had a son Zen Scott in 2004. The couple split in 2009 after seven years of marriage and share joint custody of the six-year-old. He has become a spokesperson for PETA and is a animal rights and environmental activist. Feldman starred in his own reality show called The Two Coreys where he shared the screen with his Lost Boys co-sar Corey Haim. Haim passed away last March.

But back in 1986 the four were young teens enjoying the last few days of their childhood, hoping for fame and fortune as they filmed what for most was their first movie. Based on a novella by Stephen King, Stand By Me was based around a writer, Dreyfuss, reflecting on his youth. ( MORE HERE )


Wil Wheaton: 'I feel guilt for River Phoenix's death'

Wil Wheaton has admitted that he feels "a little bit of guilt" over the death of his Stand By Me co-star River Phoenix.

Phoenix died of a drug overdose at the age of 23 in 1993 outside the Viper Room nightclub in Hollywood.

Wheaton told ShortList: "Around the time River died I hadn't talked to him for years, so I carry a little bit of guilt.

"But we do what we can and enough time has elapsed now that when I watch [Stand By Me], I recall, with tremendous fondness, the experiences we had shooting it. But honestly, mostly I just enjoy the story."

The 1986 film's director Rob Reiner added: "It's so sad. Every time I see that scene when he disappears at the end of the movie, it's chilling.

"I never thought River was going to be the one who would struggle - he was a good kid and he was so talented. He would've been [like] Johnny Depp or Leonardo DiCaprio. It was such a tragic loss." ( more here )

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