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REC is a 2007 Spanish horror film co-written and co-directed by Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza.

In Barcelona, the reporter Ángela Vidal and the cameraman Pablo are covering the night-shift of local fire station. When the firemen receive a distress call from a lady in a building, Ángela and Pablo go in the firefighter truck with the firemen Manu and Álex with Pablo recording each step. When they arrive in the building under siege of the police, they find the hysterical dwellers gathered in the lobby in the entrance and they hear screams upstairs. Manu and Álex go upstairs with two policemen and followed by Ángela and Pablo, and they find an aggressive old lady that attacks one policeman. When they return to the lobby, they find that they are sealed in the building and trapped with the residents in the beginning of a chaotic and nightmarish night.



Full Cast:

Manuela Velasco - Ángela Vidal, Ferrán Terraza - Manu, Jorge-Yaman, Serrano - Young Policeman, Pablo Rosso - Pablo, David Vert - Álex, Vicente Gil - Adult policemen, Martha Carbonell - Mrs. Izquierdo, Carlos Vicente - Guillem Marimón, María Teresa Ortega - Grandmother, Manuel Bronchud - Grandfather, Akemi Goto - Japanese woman, Chen Min Kao - Japanese man, María Lanau - Mari Carmen, Jennifer's mother, Claudia Silva - Jennifer, Carlos Lasarte - César, Javier Botet - Tristana Medeiros, Ben Temple - Doctor, Ana Velasquez - Colombian girl, Daniel Trinh - Japanese Children, Marita Borrego - Operadoras Cuartel Bomberos, Jana Prats - Operadoras Cuartel Bomberos (as Ana Prats), Víctor Massagué - child Attic, Javier Coromina - Voice of Pablo.


Manuela Velasco as Ángela Vidal


Manuela Velasco is a Spanish TV presenter and actress. She was born in 1975 in Madrid, Spain. In 2007 she won the Goya Award for best actress. Filmography HERE

Ferran Terraza as Manu


Ferran Terraza ( December 10, 1968) is a catalan spanish actor of film, theater and television.

Fimography: [Rec] ² (2009) Trash (2009) 25 kilates (2008) Mejor que nunca (2008) [Rec] (2007) El cor de la ciutat (2000) Hospital Central (2000) Los sin nombre (1999) Un caso para dos (1997). Website ( spanish ) here

David Vert as Alex


As an actor, David Vert has been seen in movies such as "[Rec] 2", released in 2009, in which he portrayed Álex, and "[Rec]"(2007).

Filmography: [Rec] (2007) - [Rec] ² (2009) - Valérie - Diario di una ninfomane (2008) - Tres dies amb la família (2009) - La mosquitera (2010) - Sin ti (2006) - Iris TV (2003) (TV) . More here

Javier Botet as Tristana Medeiros

... ...

Javier Botet (Ciudad Real, 1977 July 31) is a Spanish actor and illustrator.

In 2001 he graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts. In 2002 he moved to Madrid. He also works for a special effects studio.

Botet suffers from a rare congenital condition called Marfan Syndrome, which prevents him from exceeding a weight of 75 pounds and which requires him constant surgery.MORE about Javier Botet. HERE his blog - HERE his Facebook page

REC received acclaim from most critics. As of May 17, 2009, the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported that 96% of critics gave the film positive reviews, based on 20 reviews. Reviewing the film for the BBC, Jamie Russell called it "A runaway rollercoaster of a fright flick", praising the "faux-docu handheld style", and the sense of claustrophobia and confusion, claiming "[Rec] will definitely jangle the nerves", while criticising the lack of substance and "one-dimensional" supporting cast. Bloody Disgusting gave the film four and a half stars out of five, with the reviewer saying, "[REC] has it all and is probably one of the best Spanish horror films in recent memory." Bloody Disgusting later ranked the film eleventh in their list of the 'Top 20 Horror Films of the Decade', with the article saying "Out of all the “shaky-cam” films... this one is arguably the best." It also received a number of awards: Goya Awards (22nd edition, 2008): Best New Actress (Manuela Velasco), Best Editing (David Gallart). Nomination: Best Special Effects (David Ambid, Enric Masip and Álex Villagrasa) Fantasporto 2008: Best Film Prize Fantastic'Arts? festival of Gérardmer 2008: Jury Prize, Prize of the young Public, Prize of the Public Festival de Cine de Sitges 2007 : Prize of the Public, Critics Prize, Best Director Award, Best Actress Award for Manuela Velasco. Reaper Award 2009: best Indie/Foreign production

Sequels of REC:

The sequel, REC 2, premiered in September 2009, at the Venice Film Festival, and was commercially released in Spain in October. The sequel deals with the events immediately following the end of the first film.

[REC]3 Génesis is the third installment of the series. It is a sequel to the first two films, featuring some prequel elements explaining how the infection started. It was released in theaters in Spain on March 30, 2012.

[REC]4 Apocalipsis is announced to be released in 2013.

[REC] teaser trailer

Audience reaction watching the movie


Quarantine is a 2008 American horror film directed by John Erick Dowdle.

The film is a remake of the Spanish horror film REC with a few exceptions such as added scenes and dialogue.

Shot in the "found footage" style, the movie was released on October 10, 2008 by Screen Gems. The film features no incidental music, being "scored" only with sound effects.

The film received mixed reviews from critics and was a box office success. MORE HERE


FULL CAST: Jennifer Carpenter as Angela Vidal, Steve Harris as Scott Percival, Jay Hernandez as Jake (Fireman), Johnathon Schaech as George Fletcher, Columbus Short as Officer Danny Wilensky, Andrew Fiscella as Officer James McCreedy, Rade Šerbedžija as Yuri Ivanov, Greg Germann as Lawrence, Bernard White as Bernard, Dania Ramirez as Sadie, Elaine Kagan as Wanda Ivanov, Marin Hinkle as Kathy, Joey King as Briana, Jermaine A. Jackson as Nadif, Sharon Ferguson as Jwahir, Denis O'Hare as Randy, Stacy Chbosky as Elise Jackson, Jeannie Epper as Mrs. Espinoza, Barry Sigismondi as Bob Orton, Craig Susser as Hazmat Doctor, Doug Jones as Thin Infected Man.


Movie`s Curiosities

[•REC] Making Of Parte 1 --[•REC] Making Of - Part 2 -- Rec confidencia de (confession) Manuela Velasco part 1 -- Rec confidencia de (confession) Manuela Velasco part 2 -- REC 2 Efectos Especiales 'Infectados' -- Medeiros, Yo soy más de matar -- [Rec]˛ - Making of -- Who is Tristana Medeiros


The working title was "Bombers" ("Firemen" in Catalan).


The camera man, Pablo isn't seen all the way through the film even though he can been heard and his shadow can be seen.


The DVD for this film wasn't released in the US until after its remake Quarantine had been out in theaters and the sequel [Rec] ² had been confirmed.


During the filming of the scene where the young fireman falls from the stairs, not a single actor knew that was going to happen, so the reactions we see on the films were the real reactions of the actors themselves


Made and shot in real locations. No sets were built to make this movie


The closing passages really were shot in complete darkness, using an infra-red camera. The actors had no idea what was taking place as they couldn't see a thing


In the movie LSD: Love, Sex Aur Dhokha, the shot with Rahul being dragged away from the camera in night vision is done in a similar way as the ending scene of [Rec]


The closing passages really were shot in complete darkness, using an infra-red camera. The actors had no idea what was taking place as they couldn't see a thing.


Soundtrack: "Vudú (Extended Version)" Written by Carlos Ann, Performed by Vudu


More trivia and goofs here


Quarantine, an American remake of the Spanish film, was produced, practically shot-for-shot, and released in the United States in October 2008


What are the differences between REC and Quarantine?

REC and Quarantine are, essentially, the same movie. REC came first, from Spain in 2007.

Then Hollywood decided to remake it in English with actors who had more star power, so Quarantine was born in 2008.

Quarantine laid out nothing new that we already didn't see in REC minus one or two scenes and a few extra characters.

Quarantine is more bloody and gruesome than REC.

A few minor differences that can be considered neither pluses nor minuses: The camera gets shut off a few more times in REC; In the end, REC offers supernatural explanation, Quarantine a natural explanation.

In fact, in REC it's suggested that the source of the outbreak might be demonic possession.

Quarantine, on the other hand, has a much more plausible explanation for the outbreak: a virulent strain of rabies. MORE HERE

How does the movie REC end ?

By the nights end Angela and her cameraman Pablo are still alive.

With most of the occupants now after them, they hideout in supposed abandoned penthouse apartment.

Only to discover that the apartment is where the source of this contamination came from.

They then encounter the original carrier still living in the attic (where she should have been sealed in all this time) who surprises them while scouting a crawlspace in the ceiling, breaking the camera's light. Left with only night-vision, they play a game with hide and seek and both lose.


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